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6 Oct, 2018

Post-fight chaos: Nurmagomedov brawls in crowd, McGregor attacked in octagon

The biggest fight in UFC history ends in chaotic scenes in Las Vegas.

After defeating Mcgregor with a submission, Nurmagomedov leaps over the cage to attack McGregor’s team-mate Danis, sparking a fight. One of the Russian’s entourage then stormed the octagon to punch the prone McGregor in the back of the head in front of 18,000 frenzied spectators, including Hollywood stars such as Mel Gibson.

Both fighters were led away and there was no belt presentation but the ring announcer declared Nurmaomedov the winner, prompting a chorus of boos from the crowd. The Nevada State Athletic commission have withheld Khabib’s $2million pay-check after reviewing footage but decided to award McGregor’s $3million. Three of Nurmagomedov’s team were initially arrested, but McGregor didn’t want to press charges so they were later released.


5 Apr, 2018

McGregor attacks UFC bus, injures Chiesa

McGregor crashes UFC 222 Media Day, held at Barclays Center in New York City, an event intended to promote the upcoming lightweight title fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Max Holloway. McGregor, along with a group of men, chases after a coach carrying a number of UFC fighters, including Khabib Nurmagomedov. McGregor takes a dolly from the side of the garage and throws it at the coach, breaking a window. Chiesa suffers cuts from broken glass. Chiesa’s coach:

Conor went bananas and put a beating on the van that we were in looking for Khabib. A million security guards had to restrain him. Mike’s cut up now. He’s got marks on him, for sure. I don’t think it’s too serious.

28 Nov, 2017

Irish police ‘aware’ of McGregor brawl claims

Irish police say they are aware of claims that McGregor was involved in a pub brawl at The Black Forge Inn in the Dublin suburb of Crumlin. According to witnesses, the  involved the sports star, a young man, a man in his 50s and a fourth man.  A Gardai spokesman said there were no incidents reported in the area on Sunday night, and therefore they did not have a comment:

There is no report on this matter and no complaint from any injured parties, patrons of the pub or the pub itself and no statements were taken.

3 Oct, 2017

McGregor has drink thrown over him ‘by Rangers fan’ after he sings Celtic chant in Glasgow

McGregor has a drink thrown on him by an angry Rangers fan after leading a Celtic chant during an Evening with Conor McGregor event in Glasgow. During his introduction on stage, McGregor starts shouting:

What’s up Glasgow Celtic? The only football club around here we’re talking about. Glasgow is green and white!

This was greeted largely by cheers, but also a few boos, before he shouted ‘where’s Rangers at?’ in an attempt to placate the blue half of the city. He then began to chant:

There’s only one team in Glasgow. There’s only one team in Glasgow. Walking along, singing a song, walking in a Celtic wonderland.

McGregor then found himself doused in liquid, presumably from an unhappy Rangers fan.

14 Jun, 2017

Khan attacked during road rage incident in Bolton

Khan is attacked in his hometown of Bolton by a man who is angered by his driving, and other men damage his car. Khn has a prior speeding conviction. Greater Manchester Police:

We were called at 7.15pm on Friday to a report of road rage and assault, an incident that had occurred at 6.15pm that evening in Bolton. A man in his 30s was driving his car when he made a wrong turn. This angered a driver who was behind them. There was an altercation and the man behind punched the man in his 30s. His vehicle was damaged by a group of men – possibly three. There were no arrests. Anyone with information should contact us by calling 101.

10 Jun, 2017

Fans invades ring and attack Groenhart

In the Glory 42 promotion fight in Paris, Groenhart knocks out Grigorian when he appears to be on his way back to his corner, although no bell has rung. As Groenhart celebrates a fan enters the ring and punches him in the face before the scuffle is eventually broken up by security and ringside coaches.

Protect yourself at all times

20 May, 2017

Dirrell’s uncle hits Uzcategui in revenge for after-bell punch

Dirrell’s uncle Leon Lawson, who is part of his coaching team, lands a left-hook on Uzcategui out of revenge for the Venezuelan hitting his nephew after the bell in the eighth round of a bout at the MGM National Harbor in Maryland. While Uzcategui is disqualified for his late punch, Lawson is being sought by Maryland police.

12 May, 2017

Chiesa and Lee scuffle at UFC Summer Kickoff

During the UFC Summer Kickoff Presser, after Lee mentions that Chiesa’s mother would be in attendance to see her son lose, Chiesa becomes enraged, and shouts at Lee to not mention his mother before running across the stage. In response, Lee gets on his feet and hits Chiesa with a right as security intervenes and escorts them both off the stage.

Don’t you ever talk about my mom!

20 Apr, 2017

Garbrandt-Dillashaw choke video released

Video is released of Garbrandt’s altercation with Dillashaw during filming of The Ultimate Fighter. As two cast members go through their weight cuts to get ready to fight each other, words are exchanged between the two fighters in a hallway, and Garbrandt steps up to defend his fighter. Garbrandt:

You’re fake as f-ck, you know you are.


He called me fake, then attacked me. I think it all bleeds down to just insecurity. Cody’s not very smart, he doesn’t have anything that he can say that is witty. He feels like he needs to create drama to be important.

4 Mar, 2017

MMA event turns into riot

A mass brawl involving around 20 men takes place at a mixed martial arts event in the Black-E Centre in Liverpool’s Chinatown after a man jumps into the ring at the end of a match and starts punching one of the fighters. Mobile phone footage show the attacker, in a black shirt, standing outside the ropes in one of the ring’s corners – suggesting he could have been trainer. As the brawl erupts, bottles are launched as people throw themselves over the ropes to join the violence. Many are hit by the missiles as they try to get out of harm’s way and the fight soon spills out of the ring and into the crowd. One spectator is shown holding a metal stand and swinging it furiously as brawlers kick and punch each other in a doorway. Others launch metal chairs at another group of fighters who appear to be standing the other side of the doorway. In one scene a man lies flat out on the floor while yobs throw chairs and a barrier stand at his body, before another fighter takes a kick at his head. Police say the brawl continued outside:

At around 9.05pm, calls were received of spectators fighting during an organised Mixed Martial Arts and boxing event at The Black-E venue on Great George Street. Various reports indicated that at least 20 people were involved and that bottles had been thrown.

28 Jan, 2017

100-people brawl breaks out after McGregor Q&A

Over 100 people are involved in a brawl outside Manchester’s EventCity at 4am, after McGregor finishes his Q&A with Ariel Helwani. Several fans are injured, with one man is in hospital with serious head injuries. Witness:

Hi, just been past EventCity and there is all police in the car park, part of it is cordoned off, quite a few police vans and cars.

3 Jan, 2017

Russian MMA fighter shot, beaten and choked in ‘row over Conor McGregor’

fi-mirzaev-lobov-attackMirzaev, a Russian fighter with 17 wins out of 18 contests, is ambushed as he left his home in Moscow on New Year’s Eve. He is shot three times with a high-powered BB gun, including once in the face, in Moscow, as well as being beaten with a baseball bat and choked with a chain. Items were also stolen from his house. Mirzaev is in a stable condition after surgery to remove the bullets. According to a source, the argument got started when Mirzaev was in a club with Lobov, who trains with McGregor. The fighters were taunted by men from Dagestan in southern Russia who said McGregor was afraid to face undefeated Dagestani fighter Nurmagomedov. Nightclub staff stopped a full-blown brawl but the men “decided to finish the job” and were “waiting at his house”. However Lobov, denies the claims and the attack remains under police investigation:

I did meet [Mirzaev] in Russia. I am so shocked that this happened to him but [it’s] nothing to do with me.

29 Dec, 2016

Garbrandt storms out of Cruz head-to-head interview

Garbrandt storms out of a head-to-head interview with Cruz after talk between the two turned to Garbrandt’s girlfriend and Cruz commenting on her Instagram. Cruz:

Keep your fling on a string. She shouldn’t be hollering at me on social media. Keep her to yourself. As far as I’m concerned, I did you and her a favor. She obviously wears the pants in the relationship or else she wouldn’t be having to defend you.


I’ll come across there right now. You’re a room away.


C’mon, turd. Let’s go…He has to do this, because this is what an alpha, a savage does.

7 Dec, 2016

Chisora throws a table at Whyte

During their pre-fight press conference Chisora throws a table at White. The incident was prompted after Whyte threatens Chisora’s life. Chisora:

If you think I’m a pussy, a punk, you tell me right now. Listen, I am the baddest man you’ll ever meet.

3 Dec, 2016

Whitney punches ring girl after defeat

As it is announced that Whitney has lost his Titan FC 42 bout to Farkhad Sharipov with scores of 49-46, 48-47 and 48-47, he throws a punch out of frustration which lands right on the ring girl’s face. Titan FC:

In the immediate aftermath of losing a very close title fight at Titan FC 42 Andrew Whitney threw a punch out of frustration which unintentionally hit one of our ring card girls. Our ring card girl was attended to by the ringside doctor and officials. She indicated she was fine and was more surprised by the punch than injured…We have spoken with Andrew Whitney and his management and are taking appropriate actions to make sure this unforeseen incident is not repeated.

17 Aug, 2016

UFC 202 Press Conference Water Bottle fight

White introduces the UFC 202 fighters, however McGregor does not appear for over 17 minutes. After a few minutes Diaz and his entourage leaves for the door, while his team shouts insults at McGregor, who responds:

Shut your f-king mout. Shut your mouth. You’ll do nothin’. Not one of yous will do nothin’.

After Diaz throws a water bottle towards McGregor, he responds by throwing a couple of bottles towards Diaz. White then closes the press conference.

21 Nov, 2015

Black activist punched at rally

After Southall starts shouting “Black lives Matter” during Trump’s speech in Birmingham, AL, a fight breaks out around the protestor. A man punches and attempted to choke him, and Southall ends up on the ground. Trump halts the rally while Southall is taken out of the building.

Get him the hell out of here, will you, please?

31 Oct, 2015

Assaulted by Italian reporters

When returning to his home in Lleida, after a day out dirt biking with his brother and father, Marquez is met by an Italian camera crew from Italian TV show Le Iene (The Hyenas). When Marquez refuses to be interviewed, they shout insults and make rude gestures at him. They follow him into his garage and scuffle with him, pulling his arm and scratching his neck. The family say they will file a police report, and release a statement:

A group of people appeared at the rider’s home and shouted a series of insults, made certain ridiculous and humiliating actions towards the rider himself and even pushed and assaulted his closest relatives. Given the seriousness of these actions, such acts have been condemned and the normal course of criminal proceedings will be followed against such persons.

The TV station also releases a statement:

Our Hyenas went to Spain this afternoon to try to deliver to the pilot of Motogp Marc Marquez the ‘Cup of Sh*t,’ A special prize designed to celebrate the ‘deeds’ of the Spanish rider. But things didn’t go as expected. We arrived in the vicinity of the dwelling of the parents of the pilot where we met Marc Marquez, his father, his brother and a friend. When we tried to deliver our cup we were attacked and in the struggle they broke the camera and took the video card. They must have wanted a bigger cup.

21 Oct, 2015

McGregor-Garbrandt fight

McGregor criticizes TJ Dillashaw (who is not present) on the show The Ultimate Fighters, telling Faber that he is only in it for himself. Garbrandt gets up and starts to push him. The two fighters are held back by the rest of the group. McGregor:

Loyalty’s a strong thing for me, and I respect loyalty a lot. But I absolutely despise people who are disloyal. People who bite the hand that feeds them. I cannot relate to that in any sway, shape or form. I certainly feel TJ is a little snake in the grass. Hes in here for his own benefit. I simply told that to him and I mean the truth can hurt.

22 Sep, 2015

Disembarkation commotion

Eyewitnesses say that when a French man tries to stop Azealia squeezing through while disembarking a Delta flight in LA, she responds by spitting, scratching and punching him. A flight attendant is called, who takes her bag. Police speak to her and other witnesses at baggage claim, however the French couple decide not to press charges as they do not want their vacation to be disrupted.

26 Jul, 2015

Palestinians barricade themselves in Mosque

Several hundred palestinian youths bar themselves inside the Mosque on the Temple Mount in order to prevent Jews from being able to pray there on holy fast day of Tisha b’Av (the ninth day of the month of Av), which commemorates the destruction of both of the Jewish Temples. 300 police attempt to stop the violence.President Reuven Rivlin condemned the attack by the Palestinian rioters.

Today, the fast of Tisha B’Av, we mourn the destruction of the Temple, the memory and lessons of which stay with us each and every day. The acts of violence and terrorism committed especially today, against worshipers at holy sites, must be condemned unequivocally. I express my support for the security forces, and for their determination to prevent any harm or interference to the prayers at the Western Wall, the remnant of our Temple. Such acts of hatred cannot be tolerated and we will not allow any disturbances to prevent Jews from praying at this holy site.

Clash at Temple Mount

Dozens of Palestinian youth, most masked, attack police with rocks, bottles, wooden planks, fireworks and firebomb, then barricade themselves in the Al Aqsa Mosque. As the violence escalates, police storm the Mosque to gain control over the situation. In the process three east Jerusalem Palestinians are arrested. Several police officers are also injured though it is not reported how many are injured. Police:

The clashes broke out after the Palestinians began throwing stones and shooting fireworks at Border Police and police forces that arrived at the mosque’s entrance. Afterwards, the youths fled into the mosque, throwing stones and bricks at the forces from within, and firing fireworks at them. An unidentified liquid was also thrown at the police.

13 Jul, 2015

Storms out of show

Goodrem has a verbal fight with fellow coach Jessie J and storms off the set of the The Voice, Australia, after a performance of Marilyn’s Monroe’s Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend by O’Callaghan. Goodrem says O’Callaghan’s performance has a good vibe, despite it not turning any seats. Jessie disagrees and continues to critique her. Goodrem takes off her microphone and earpiece, swears and leaves the set.

I’m over this s**t. I’m out.


I can’t sit there and watch artists be embarrassed on stage. I think I had, had enough of the tough love. I want to be someone who wants to encourage people’s dreams.

Jessie J says she knows Goodrem was “genuinely angry” with her but she wasn’t going to change her tune.

17 May, 2015

Nine bikers killed in shootout

A shootout among members of several rival motorcycle gangs outside of a Twin Peaks Restaurant in a busy shopping plaza in Waco, Texas, leaves nine bikers dead and nearly two dozen other people with injuries. The incidents starts with a fist fight in the bathroom of the restaurant, which spills into the bar, where it quickly escalates into knife fight — and then out into the parking lot where a gun battle rages between five different biker gangs and heavily armed police. Eight people diee at the scene, and another person died at the hospital. Most of the injured either had stab wounds or gunshot wounds — or both. Two people are taken out of the Waco area because of the severity of the injuries. Police do not identify the groups. No police or bystanders are hurt. Police:

There were multiple people on the scene firing weapons at each other. They then turned on our officers. Our officers returned gunfire, wounding and possibly killing several…There were so many rounds fired from bad-guy weapons here, it is amazing that innocent civilians were not injured here. In 34 years of law enforcement, this is the worst crime scene — the most violent crime scene — that I have ever been involved in. There are dead people still there. There is blood everywhere.

11 May, 2015

Injured in shooting

Zimmerman is injured in the face by glass fragments when Apperson shoots through his car windshield, near Lake Mary, Florida. An employee at a nearby business says he was exiting his car after lunch when a man drove up and started yelling about the shooting.

I shot George Zimmerman, call 911. I don’t have a phone.

The man, later identified as Apperson, told him that he and Zimmerman have had three disputes. This time, Zimmerman waved a gun and he man shot at him. Zimmerman did not fire any shots.  Zimmerman is released from the hospital.

6 May, 2015

Sugar attack

Levine sugar bombOn the way to recording an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Levine is attacked by a man who covers him in fine sugar. The attacker is arrested and charged with battery.

4 May, 2015

Racist customer shot

Police release a video of Jehrardd Williams shooting incident in a Fort Myers, Florida, Waffle House. Williams is purchasing a meal when a gang of drunk white racist males start shouting racial slurs at him and another customer. After Williams refuses to shake one of the mens’ hands, the man punches him. Williams is then rushed by Dakota Fields who is then shot three times by Williams with his legally owned gun. The men flee and later crash their vehicle on the way to the hospital. Fields is pronounced dead on the scene by medics. No charges are filed against Williams.

27 Apr, 2015

Riots after funeral

Violence erupts in Baltimore after Gray’s funeral. There are reports of numerous injuries including police officers. Police:

We have seven officers who were injured during the course of this. They have broken bones, one of them is unresponsive. This is not okay. Our officers went out to that situation to make sure that the people who live in that community were safe and we’re going to continue to do what we can to make sure that those people stay safe. It’s a group of lawless individuals. What we know is that they are a group of criminals with no regard for the people in the community.

20 Mar, 2015

Slashed by knife

Walden’s ex-girlfriend, Palmer, slashes Walden in the arm with a knife. Walden calls 911 after wrestling his gun away from Palmer, who was also armed with a baseball bat. Before fleeing, Palmer struck Walden’s female companion in the arm with the bat, breaking the woman’s arm. As Walden was trying to get the woman to the hospital, Palmer reappeared and slashed him in the arm with a knife before fleeing again. Walden did not suffer any major damage in the attack.

13 Mar, 2015


Freeland and Williams headbutt after Williams exchanges words with Blazer center Meyers Leonard. The referee ejects both players and NBA will sanction their conduct Monday.


5 May, 2014

Solange attacks Jay-Z

On route to the Met Ball Gala after-party, Jay-Z is physically attacked by his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles. Security camera footage shows Beyonce, Jay-Z and Solange entering the elevator with with a team of bodyguards. As soon as the elevator closes, Solange kicks and punches Jay-Z, who blocks the attack. She continues to shout insults and tries to hit him two more times. Beyonce stands against the wall with her hands clasped together.

19 Jul, 2013

Attacks paparazzi

West assaults a photographer at LAX airport and tries to steal his camera. The victim is taken to the hospital after the attack.

What you are trying to do is get me in trouble so that I will slip up and pay you like $250,000.

20 Sep, 2008

Father beats wife

Paige  Mann bruise 1According to an affidavit filed by Mann, Roof’s father beat her.

My whole world fell apart when Benn and I got into an argument. Benn violently pushed me to the ground and hit me in the back of my head…I was so scared of him that I knew I had to get out of this violent situation

Franklin takes the credit card that Paige has  been using to pay the grocery bills –her only source of income — and says he is cutting off the electricity and taking his car.

30 Jun, 1989

Stages coup

Bashir leads fellow officers in a mutiny against Prime Minister Sadiq al-Mahdi. The coup is also aimed at preventing the signing of a peace treaty with John Garang’s Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM). Bashir opposed the plan, which would have allowed secular law, instead of Sharia, in the south. He says in a televised communique that the coup is:

to save the country from rotten political parties.

He claims himself chairman of Revolutionary Command Council (RCC) and signs a constitutional decree dismissing the government and other state bodies. Further decrees dissolve political parties and trade unions, and impose a state of emergency and a ban on demonstrations against the “revolution of national salvation”