The Black-E (venue)Fight

MMA event turns into riot

4 Mar, 2017

A mass brawl involving around 20 men takes place at a mixed martial arts event in the Black-E Centre in Liverpool’s Chinatown after a man jumps into the ring at the end of a match and starts punching one of the fighters. Mobile phone footage show the attacker, in a black shirt, standing outside the ropes in one of the ring’s corners – suggesting he could have been trainer. As the brawl erupts, bottles are launched as people throw themselves over the ropes to join the violence. Many are hit by the missiles as they try to get out of harm’s way and the fight soon spills out of the ring and into the crowd. One spectator is shown holding a metal stand and swinging it furiously as brawlers kick and punch each other in a doorway. Others launch metal chairs at another group of fighters who appear to be standing the other side of the doorway. In one scene a man lies flat out on the floor while yobs throw chairs and a barrier stand at his body, before another fighter takes a kick at his head. Police say the brawl continued outside:

At around 9.05pm, calls were received of spectators fighting during an organised Mixed Martial Arts and boxing event at The Black-E venue on Great George Street. Various reports indicated that at least 20 people were involved and that bottles had been thrown.

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