Faith Hill

Stealing Kisses

2 Aug, 2005

Hill releases her single, Stealing Kisses, from her album, Fireflies. Song-writer, Lori McKenna:

Poor Faith. She totally got the song, she told me, the first time she heard it. And I was so happy that she did. But a lot of people don’t get the song, and I think it’s because maybe they read in too much to it. But basically, Stealing Kisses, is like just a page from my little town here, as far as the cop in the beginning, I just remember when we were kids and we’d be drinking a 6-pack at the end of some dead end street somewhere, and the cops would come and they’d take your beer and send you home. And they sort of wink at you, like ‘Hey, see you tomorrow night’ on the next street over.’ It’s just like these towny things that we all experience growing up here, and I’m sure it happens in a lot of towns. And then that girl being married to that boy and finding herself just lonely. I don’t actually mention the kids in that song, but one of the things that I found so striking as I got older and as I had my kids is – I live in a little tiny house, and we have 5 children, and you can still feel lonely. I always say ‘I don’t even go to the bathroom by myself sometimes, because there’s a 2-year-old following me around.’ But you still somehow have that disadvantage of feeling lonely sometimes. And I’ve had conversations with my neighbors, and my friends who are moms, who are sort of experiencing the same things. So the song is really just that big example, a specific example of that loneliness you could feel even though you’re with somebody.

Faith Hill - Stealing Kisses (Official Video)

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