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Agent: McGregor ‘very interested’ in Mayweather fight ‘if it’s serious,’

23 Nov, 2016

Attar says McGregor is interested in a ‘serious’ fight with Mayweather:

Look, it wasn’t something we started, right? It was something Floyd started and Conor responded in kind on social media. It’s obviously built up public interest. Part of that may have been Floyd testing waters — I really don’t know what his motives are. All I can tell you is we are very interested if it’s serious. Ultimately, I think we have to see if it’s real or not. That’s what it comes down to. Floyd may have been waiting to see if Conor is the real deal and I think how he handled his first adversity with Nate [Diaz], beating Nate the second time at 170 [pounds], dominating the lightweight champion, the first to hold two belts — I think he’s shown he’s for real. I don’t know if Floyd is enjoying the retirement life too much, if it’s a PR stint to keep the fun going of what he has going on in the boxing world,” Attar said. “Ultimately, I think we’ll find out soon enough if [his interest in fighting McGregor] is real or not.

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