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Attar: ‘It feels more real now than it ever has’

16 Feb, 2017

McGregor’s manager says the McGregor-Mayweather fight is becoming more real.

It started with Floyd talking, right? And now it’s evolved to the UFC making offers. So it feels more real now than it ever has. That then makes it a very, very intriguing and interesting business opportunity, and athletic opportunity for Conor. So we’re excited. Hopefully it comes to fruition…I think people are sleeping on Conor’s power. Again, Floyd is super experienced, you’re going into his domain. But Conor’s counter-striking, his timing, and his power…Floyd’s never faced anyone with his reach. So as a fan, I’m excited to see that. With the bigger gloves, I don’t think Conor is going to get knocked out. But I do believe he has a chance of knocking Floyd out.

McGregor Manager "It feels more real now than it ever has!" on Mayweather vs McGregor fight talks

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