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Lobov puts fights on hold to help train McGregor

16 Jun, 2017

Lobov says he is putting his career on hold while he helps McGregor prepare to fight Mayweather.

I was offered a fight with Andre Fili. He was calling me out on Twitter. I would’ve taken the fight, but it’s just too hard for me to commit to something on July 29. I’m needed in this camp. It would’ve been too much of a risk for me…Let’s be honest: I don’t give a (expletive) about Andre Fili. I could fight that guy any day of the week. Once this fight is out of the way, and Conor knocks out Mayweather and has the world at his feet, we can see what’s going to happen then. Conor got into the UFC. We all helped him to get there, and then he pulled everybody up there with him. I owe it to him to help him in any way I can…I know John Kavanagh is going to be involved. Owen Roddy will be involved, too. This is the team that we prepare with for every fight, and it will be no different for this fight. This has been the team from the start. This is the dream team, and it’s staying that way. Of course, if we feel that there are some areas where we are lacking knowledge or expertise, we will bring in people.

He also believes that McGregor will win:

There’s one thing I would say to all of the critics: Don’t try to hate the man that dares to do the impossible. He has proven plenty of people wrong before, so I think it’s time for everybody to support him and believe in him. Conor doesn’t just show up for a payday and take a beating. He is in this fight because he knows he can win it. I know he can win this. Not only do I know he can win this, he will win it. I’m 100 percent certain of that. He stops him before Round 6 is over. Mark my words.

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