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Mayweather claims he offered McGregor £12m to fight

11 Jan, 2017

Mayweather says that he offered McGregor £12m to fight.

We tried to make the Conor McGregor fight…My number was a guaranteed $100million (£83m). We’re the A-side and I don’t know how much he has made before but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t made $10m in an MMA bout. But we are willing to give him $15m (£12m), and we can talk about splitting the back-end percentage on PPV. But we’re the A-side. How can a guy talk about $20m or $30m if he’s never made eight or nine million?…Conor McGregor keeps telling everybody he wants the fight. Let’s make it happen…I’m probably interested in [coming out of retirement for] the Conor McGregor fight. I’m a businessman and it makes more business sense.

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