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Mayweather, Malignaggi: McGregor was dirty when sparring

18 Aug, 2017

Mayweather says footage of McGregor sparring Malignaggi shows the UFC lightweight champion to be “extremely dirty” in the ring.

A lot of shots were illegal. Lots of grappling and illegal punching behind the head…He had Joe Cortez in his camp but I still saw him being extremely dirty. My job is not to worry about the referee but to let the referee do his job.

Malignaggi also says the same:

His intensity is a good thing. I just don’t know if he can go without fouling. Fighting up close, I think he gets a bit confused and he ends up fouling. I think that’s where he can be most intense but fighting up close is the hardest thing in boxing to learn and I don’t think you can do that in a few months.

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