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Quigley: McGregor will KO Mayweather

5 Aug, 2017

Quigley says McGregor will shock the boxing world with a knockout against Mayweather.

I first met him in Boston when we did a charity event together about three years ago. He was just very respectful, he knew me already, and his profile has really blown up. I also bumped into Conor in Venice, Los Angeles, when he was rolling along on his low-rider bicycle. We exchanged numbers and have kept in touch since. He came out here one time looking for sparring, but I wasn’t able to spar because I had just fought James De la Rosa…Everybody thinks he has no chance, apart from myself, but Conor has the whole of Ireland behind him and anybody with the whole Ireland behind them is going to give someone problems….I’m not going to change my prediction, I think Conor McGregor is going to knock Floyd Mayweather out.

You have to step back and look at the statistics. Everybody is looking at Floyd Mayweather as the boxer, the world champion, undefeated, this, that, whatever. The man is 40 years of age. Conor is 29, in his prime, and alright he’s not a boxer, that’s plain to see, he’s an MMA fighter and that is how he’s made his career. But he is one of the best boxers skill-wise in MMA and his timing, reactions are on point.

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