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Rogan: If Conor McGregor headkicked Floyd ‘he would be a god damn folk hero’

20 Jun, 2017

On his podcast, Rogan ponders the consequences of McGregor kicking Mayweather in the head.

[Kicking him in the head] would be f-cked up. There’s probably some stipulations in the contract that say, ‘you can’t get him in an armbar or choke him.’.. Could you imagine? He would be a god damn folk hero. If they got in close and Floyd was shucking and juking on the outside and he threw a jab to cover up a left high kick and that left high kick necks him? Just clang, and you see Floyd go limp – and he would go limp. He’s never been high kicked like that. Jesus, that would be crazy. Would it be worth it? It would but it would f-ck everything up because no one would ever trust another fighter from MMA to ever fight a boxer in a boxing match again.

Joe Rogan about Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight!

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