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Rose: Mayweather-McGregor will happen in 2017

21 May, 2016

On his Jalen and Jacoby radio show, Rose says Mayweather-McGregor will happen in 2017, although he declines to name his sources.

I got some breaking news, the Floyd and McGregor fight is going to happen. Floyd and McGregor will probably announce in a month. It will be in May, the same weekend as the Kentucky Derby, in 2017. I’ve already booked my room in Vegas for the first weekend of May for this fight. The only way it doesn’t happen , is if the combatants and/or the business changes going forward. But as of now, all signs lead to this happening.

On McGregor’s contract:

Basically what they will do is that [the UFC] will get the same percentage as if he was fighting on a UFC card.

Breaking News - Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight will Happen in 2017

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