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White: Mayweather wrong to turn down McGregor fight offer

14 Jan, 2017

White says Mayweather is wrong to turn down his $25 million offer.

First of all Floyd thinks he’s so much bigger than Conor — he’s wrong. Listen, Floyd’s gone undefeated for 20 years. I give him all the credit in the world for doing that. Conor’s been around for three or four years, and for him to think he’s a much bigger star than Conor isn’t true, and I’m not going to pay him way more money than I’m gonna pay my guy. We all know that $25 million is not peanuts, and so does he. He’s hanging his watch out the window. His watch is the problem, ok? If you’re wearing a watch that’s $250,000 you’re gonna $25 million real quick pal. And hey Floyd! Taxes are coming up too, buddy. They’re gonna be all over you, pal.. Floyd said that he made an offer. He never made an offer. It’s not true. I made an offer. OK. So if you’re serious there’s a real offer. Where do we go from here Floyd?

Dana White Tells Floyd Mayweather He's Dumb to Turn Down McGregor Fight | TMZ Sports

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