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Follow You, Follow Me

25 Feb, 1978

The band release Follow You, Follow Me, from the album …And Then There Were Three. The music is written by Banks, Collins and Rutherford, with lyrics by Rutherford. Collins has described the song as a great rhythm track and claims it was not intended to be a hit single. Banks:

It was our only truly group-written number. Mike played the riff, then I started playing a chord sequence and melody line on it, which Phil then centralized around. It worked so well as a very simple thing; it was enough as it stood. I’d just written a simple love lyric for Many Too Many, and I think Mike was keen to try the same thing. Maybe Follow You Follow Me was almost too banal, but I got used to it. I think we find it much easier to write long stories than simple love songs.

Genesis – Follow You Follow Me [Official Music Video]

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