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Halle Berry interview

3 Nov, 2012

Williams interviews Halle Berry and questions her about her rise to fame, new husband and family.

He wanted me to be a beauty queen so he said, I’m gonna put you in this thing and he did.  I showed up at the pageant and wore my prom dress that I had just worn to prom and miraculously I won it.  It put me on a journey that led me to meet my manager that I’ve known for 25 years that put me here to be able to sit here and talk to you. So it’s kind of like what our movie is about, things happen very poignant and defining things happen in our life and at the time we don’t know what this is going to mean.  It seemed so frivolous at the time, a beauty pageant winner, okay but it led to a lifetime relationship.

Halle Berry on The Wendy Williams Show

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