Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix

21 Jun, 2003

oopThe novel is released to fans in the U.K., United States and Canada. Within a day, five million copies are sold. In the novel, Potter faces many challenges that include exams, a school take over by the Wizarding government and a return of nemesis, Lord Voldemort. Potter partners with The Order of the Phoenix, a rogue team of witches and wizards, to fight Voldemort. It is Rowling’s longest book in the series so far.

I think what I was trying to do with the death in this book was show how very arbitrary and sudden death is. This is a death where you didn’t have a big death bed scene. It happened almost accidentally, and that is one of the very cruel things about death, and they’re now in a war situation where that really does happen, where one minute you’re talking to your friend and the next minute he’s gone. It’s so shocking and so inexplicable… “Where did they go?” I found it upsetting to write, because I knew what it would mean to Harry.

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