Harry Styles

Styles lookalike gets proposals, twitter fame

25 Jan, 2013

styleslookalikeLookalike Jacob Skelton, 15, has become an internet sensation and famous in his own right after a friend posted a photo of him online pointing out his resemblance to the One Direction member. The teenager said: ‘People always ask for pictures with me on the street and on Twitter I’ve got a lot marriage proposals.’ He revealed how he never even knew who Harry Styles was and had never watched X Factor before a friend’s mother claimed he looked like 18-year-old Styles.

I went to knock for my friend before school and One Direction were on TV and my friends mum looked at One Direction and then she looked at me and said I looked like him.

He now has more than 11,000 followers on Twitter, is frequently stopped in the street by fans and has been invited as a guest on to TV talk shows.

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