Ambra BattilanaHarvey WeinsteinAccusation

Groping accusation

30 Mar, 2015

Battilana accuses Weinstein of grabbing her breasts and slipping a hand under her skirt during a “business meeting.” She says she went to Weinstein’s third-floor office the day after the pair met on the red carpet at a Radio City Music Hall event. Police:

He initiated the contact. He saw her and spoke to her. She didn’t know who he was until he approached her.

Police say the get-together was billed as a chance for Battilana to discuss her career with the producer, but she claims Weinstein asked if her breasts were real before ignoring his protests and groping her and slipping a hand under her skirt. She tells police he finally backed off after she rejected his request for a kiss. Police:

He asked if her breasts were real before touching them. She asked him to stop, and he put his hand up her skirt. He asked for a kiss; she responded ‘No’.

After leaving Weinstein’s office Battilana contacted a friend and went to the police with her allegations later that night. The friend took her to the 9th Precinct stationhouse in the East Village, and officers there drove her to the 1st Precinct station in Tribeca to report the incident.

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