Chelsea ClintonMagazine Cover

Elle cover

10 Apr, 2015

Chelsea Clinton-elle-may-15-coverClinton appears on the cover of the May 2015 issue of Elle magazine. In a feature interview she talks about her life changing after the birth of her baby, her role as an advocate, and the possibility of a female president:

And so when you ask about the importance of having a woman president, absolutely it’s important, for, yes, symbolic reasons—symbols are important; it is important who and what we choose to elevate, and to celebrate. And one of our core values in this country is that we are the land of equal opportunity, but when equal hasn’t yet included gender, there is a fundamental challenge there that, I believe, having our first woman president—whenever that is—will help resolve. And do I think it would make a substantive difference? Yes, we’ve seen again and again, when women have been in positions of leadership, they have had different degrees of success versus their male counterparts, historically being able to build more consensus so that decisions have longer-term effects, whether in economic investments or in building social capital. Who sits around the table matters. And who sits at the head of the table matters, too.

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