ISISTerror Incident

Beheads commander as spy

31 Aug, 2014

MoS2 Template MasterISIS has beheaded one of its own commanders as a suspected spy. Reports say Abu Ubaida Almaghribi, a Dutch national of Moroccan descent who was previously in charge of the prison where journalist James Foley was held before being killed by the group, has been executed as an alleged MI6 spy. A Moroccan news outlet:

Ubaida Almaghribi, who is originally from Morocco, and served as the head of intelligence services of the ISIS organisation in Aleppo, Syria, was beheaded after being accused of reporting information on the activities, movements, and plans of ISIS to the UK.

A second Moroccan report:

ISIS militants reportedly beheaded a group of prominent leaders including Abu Ubaida Almaghribi, because of doubts regarding their allegiance and work for foreign entities.

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