IraqISISMakes Statement

‘Death before capture’

31 Aug, 2014

Shiite Turkmen in Amerli town say they will choose death over capture by ISIS, which considers them apostates. A government employee named Mehdi:

In every three to four houses we have dug graves. If the Islamic State storms our town everyone will be killing their wives and children and they will bury them.

He says the minority’s wives agree to death rather than being used as spoils of war, as ISIS have done with Yazidi minority women:

They say ‘we don’t want to end up in the hands of the Islamic State, being enslaved like those in Sinjar mountain….We don’t want the Islamic State to lay their hands on us.’

Beauty salon owner Fatima Qassim, who has been airlifted to Baghdad:

All the women will kill themselves – either shoot themselves or use kerosene and burn themselves to death.

She says her brother is fighting to defend the town and has remained behind with his wife and six children.

He put eight bullets in his rifle and he said if ISIS enters the town then I will kill my children one by one and then I will kill my wife and myself.

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