Member has ties to Cambridge, MA, mosque

7 Sep, 2014

One of the top propaganda people for ISIS, Ahmad Abousamra, was a regular attendee of the Islamic Society of Boston, which runs the mosque the Boston Marathon bombers attended.  His father is a doctor who sat on the board of the Muslim organization that runs the mosque. He stepped down from the position when the FBI began to question him about his son. The FBI believes Abousamra now operates ISIS’s media and promotes the group’s beheadings and other atrocities by posting the videos on the internet. The English-language propaganda campaigns are said to have helped attract thousands of Western jihadists, including at least 300 Americans. While attending colleges in Boston, Abousamra attended training in Yemin and Pakistan to learn how to kill Americans. According to an affidavit from a Boston FBI agent, Abousamra felt justified killing civilians because “they paid taxes to support the government and were kufar [nonbelievers]”

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