Students unwittingly support ISIS

15 Sep, 2014

The Media Research Center records an experiment on video with Dan Joseph convincing college students to sign a petition to support ISIS. Dan explains in the video that he assumes any student who signs the petition have no clue of the ISIS threat. Joseph:

We are supporting ISIS today. We are telling President Obama to support the fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria — do not bomb them. They are just like us, only with slightly more beheadings.

Some students sign, while other students who are aware of ISIS are upset. U.S. military veteran:

I know not so. I’m from the military. I know not so.


How do you think we’ve gotten so many signatures?

U.S. military veteran:

Because people are (expletive). And they don’t watch the news, and they vote uneducated — that’s why.

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