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Suicide bombs kill nine Sunnis

8 Sep, 2014

Two suicide bombings kill at least nine people and leave 70 wounded in the northern Iraqi Sunni town of Dhuluiya, which has been under siege by ISIS for more than two months. A suicide bomber in a seized military Humvee strikes a dirt berm built to reinforce the southern part of the town around 9 a.m. local time (0200 EDT), clearing the way for a second suicide bomber in another Humvee to drive into the center of the town and strike the market area.  Dhuluiya journalist Shaalan al-Jibouri:

In the name of humanity we call on President Obama, who says they are the protectors of humanity — where are your planes, your missiles? Why this terrorism, why are our children being killed, our homes destroyed? We call on the American people to pressure their government to help us.

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