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J.K. Rowling

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J.K. Rowling is a British author born in 1965 in Yate, Gloucestershire, England. Rowling is popular for writing the Harry Potter book series. Over 400 million copies of the book series have been sold worldwide. The Harry Potter movie franchise based on the books became the most successful movie series of all time. Rowling has also wrote books such as The SilkwormThe Cuckoo’s Calling, and The Casual Vacancy. Her list of honors include multiple Nestle Smarties Book Prizes, a Locus Award, a Hugo Award, and Freedom of the City of London Award. Rowling has three children and is married to Neil Murray.

10 Jan, 2017

Breaks silence, posts about hitting ‘rock bottom’

Makes Statement

Rousey posts a quote from JK Rowling’s 2008 Harvard commencement address. In that speech, Rowling said that, seven years after leaving college, she had:

Failed on an epic scale. An exceptionally short-lived marriage had imploded, and I was jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless.

It was only from then she was able to start working on Harry Potter.

2 Nov, 2015

Children’s novel in the works

Makes Statement

Under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith, Rowling, in an interview with the BBC’s Radio 2 Book Clubreveals she is writing a new children’s book. No word was given on the genre of the book or whether it is in any way related to the Harry Potter series.

I will definitely write more novels as J. K. Rowling. Novels in the plural, I have so many ideas in my head. I have an idea for a children’s book. Actually I have written part of a childen’s book that I really love so I’m definitely going to finish that.

1 Sep, 2015

Reminds fans of Potter’s son first school day

Makes Statement

Rowling reminds Harry Potter fans that today would be the first day at Hogwart’s School for Harry’s oldest son, James Sirius Potter.

5 May, 2015

Apologizes for death of Fred Weasley


Rowling apologizes for the death of Fred Weasley, who was killed in The Battle of Hogwarts:

Today I would just like to say: I’m really sorry about Fred. *Bows head in acceptance of your reasonable ire*…I thought I might apologise for one death per anniversary. Fred was the worst for me, so I started with him.

18 Jul, 2014

Plans crime book spree


In an interview by fellow crime author Val McDermid, the writer reveals her plan to write crime novels that will outnumber her Harry Potter books. She has already written two crime novels under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith, and is half-way through writing the third. The novels follow Cormoran Strike, a private detective and former military investigator in the Special Investigation Branch.

I love crime fiction. I’ve always loved it. I read a lot of it and I think, in many ways, that the Harry Potter books are whodunnits in disguise.

9 Jul, 2014

New Harry Potter story

Seven years after completing the Harry Potter book series, Rowling posts an update on her characters to her website Pottermore. The update is written in the form of an article written by the journalist Rita Skeeter. In it, Harry has aged and is now sporting a mysterious cut on his cheek. He is married to Ginny Weasley who is now a journalist. Ron Weasley is still married to Hermione Granger – who is now the deputy head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Shortly after the story is posted, the site experiences multiple crashes as fans rush to read the new piece.

21 Jul, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

hpdhThe final novel of the Harry Potter series is released in the U.S., UK and Canada. Potter continues to search and destroy items that will help to kill Lord Voldemort and prevent another return. He also learns the truth about his past and the history of several main characters. The novel ends the series with a final confrontation between Potter and Voldemort. In the U.K. it sells 8.3 million copies in the first day in the U.S., beating the previous book’s 6.9 copies. When asked by Meredith Vieira if she has had to say goodbye to Harry:

Yes and no. Because…it sounds too corny for words, but I feel as though I know what he’s doing now…so he’ll always be a presence in my life really.

16 Jul, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


The sixth installment is released in various countries and sells 6.9 million copies on its first day. In Potter’s sixth year at school, he stumbles upon a mysterious textbook annotated by a person named the Half-Blood Prince. Potter searches for the book’s owner as well as a memory that may aid in defeating the dark Lord Voldemort. He learns more of Voldemort’s past and works alongside his school’s headmaster, Dumbledore, to prepare for battle. Rowling:

A lot happens in the sixth book and a lot of questions are answered. I really have a sense that we are nearly there and it is time for answers, not more questions and clues, although obviously there are a few clues as I am not quite finished yet.

8 Jul, 1999

Prisoner of Azkaban

hppoaThe third novel is released in the UK. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine investigate Sirius Black, an escaped prisoner who may have ties with the villian, Lord Voldemort. The book sells 68,000 copies in 3 days.

Out of the five books I’ve published, writing Azkaban was the easiest, and in some ways I think that shows.

2 Jul, 1998

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

hpcofsRowling releases the second novel in the series in the UK. In this novel, Harry is a student at Hogwards School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. All is well until students who are not from all-magical families come under attack by an unknown assailant. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine investigate the attacks and delve into the story behind the Chamber of Secrets.

I’ve only suffered writer’s block badly once, and that was during the writing of Chamber of Secrets. I had my first burst of publicity about the first book and it paralysed me. I was scared the second book wouldn’t measure up, but I got through it!

26 Jun, 1997

Harry Potter and the Philosoper’s Stone


Bloomsbury releases Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling in the UK. The book is about a young orphan boy who learns that he’s a wizard, thus opening him up to an underground magical world. Along the way he becomes best friends with characters, Ron Weasley and Hermoine Grainger. He also learns of the threat to the “wizarding” world, Lord Voldemort, and his connection to the villain. The original print of 500 copies becomes popular in the U.K. Rowling speaks of the book’s creation:

In 1990, I was in Manchester looking for a flat, but I decided to take the train back to London and the idea for Harry Potter fell into my head during the journey. I had been writing since I was six, but I had never been as excited about an idea as I was for this book. Coincidentally, I didn’t have a pen and was too shy to ask anyone for one on the train, this gave me the full four hours on the train to think up all the ideas for the book. I began to write ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ that very evening.

What's this? This is an unbiased just-the-facts news timeline ('newsline') about J.K. Rowling, created by Newslines' contributors. Help us grow it by finding and summarising news. Learn more