2012 Aurora Movie Theater ShootingJames HolmesSentence

Sentenced to life in prison

7 Aug, 2015

A jury of nine women and three men reject the death penalty and sentence Holmes to life in prison without parole. In closing arguments, the District Attorney plays a recording of a 911 call with gunshots and screams in the background as the victims’ pictures disappear one by one from a courtroom TV screen.

For James Eagan Holmes, justice is death. Death.

Holmes Defense attorney says that the massacre was heartbreaking but that Holmes’ schizophrenia was the sole cause.

The death of a seriously mentally ill man is not justice, no matter how tragic the case is. Please, no more death.

In the hours before the sentencing jurors had asked to review a graphic crime scene video. When the verdict is read one man storms out, others cry. Holmes’ mother also cries, with Holmes’ father’s arm around her. Holmes smiles at his lawyers and thanks them after the verdict was read.


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