Jaylen FrybergMakes Statement

Texts revealed

2 Sep, 2015

Investigators say Fryberg sent a series of text before the shooting, including his funeral plans. At 10:25am, he sent via Facebook Messenger a photo of a pistol between his legs and asking that an unidentified person call him ‘before he did “this thing”.’ At 10:27 a.m., he spoke with a friend for two minutes and then sent a message to his father saying

read the paper on my bed. Dad I love you.

Four seconds after that he sent a group text with his funeral plans.

I want to be fully dressed in Camo in my casket. I don’t want my family to cancel there (sic) trip in December. Put my hat with the S on it on me in my casket. Make sure all of my trust money or whatever goes to my brother. Also apologize to Andrews fam and xx fam for me taking them with me. But I needed to ride or dies with me on the other side…Make sure everyone’s family goes to grams for dinner….You guys need to cook all that deer meat gram canned and the meet (sic) that’s in the downstairs freezer at our house.

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