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6 May, 2014

Jenna Elfman interview


Williams interviews Jenna Elfman and asks questions about her show, Growing Up Fisher, her husband, and her hair.

Yeah, we are ‘un-precious’ about out marriage. We are just not serious about it. We do a podcast iTunes called Kicking And Screaming. It’s just us talking about our marriage for a half hour. We don’t edit, we don’t plan it. It’s R-rated, so don’t listen to it while you take your kids to school.

Jenna Elfman is "Growing Up Fisher"

18 Jan, 2013

Shape Magazine interview


Elfman talks to Shape Magazine about exercise routine.

For exercise, I walk, climb stairs, hike, dance, and do some strength training exercises and lift free weights. But really, all this only happens when I can make time for it in my day without falling over from already being tired from working and parenting my two young boys. But here’s a little trick for when I am limited on time I keep two ten pound weights in my bathroom, and every day I do a quick set of lifting in the morning or when getting ready for bed. Also, I do lunges while brushing my teeth and then I try to do ten to fifteen push-ups before bed. If you’re consistent with this shortcut regimen, it’s amazing the results you can accomplish.

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