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25 Jun, 2014

Importance of women entrepreneurs

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Fonstand talks with Falk Marques Group at the Women’s Private Equity Summit about Aspect Ventures, the emerging mobile market, and the importance of women entrepreneurs to the VC industry.

The certainly has been a relatively low number of women in the venture industry. Traditionally around 10-11% are professionals and 4-5% are partners. We see in the entrepreneurial ranks — particularly with the advent of social media and consumer focus over the last couple of years — that there’s been a swelling in the number of women entrepreneurs that have come forward. We think that in the venture industry there’s the opportunity to be a tipping point and Aspect Ventures and Theresia and I have an opportunity to be both thought leaders around diversity, but also in terms of role modeling in working closely with companies to help them understand the importance of different perspectives around the table and how that ultimately leads to better outcomes.

Jennifer Fonstad Discusses the Importance of Women Entrepreneurs

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