Jennifer NettlesSugarlandSingle Release

Baby Girl

12 Jul, 2004

The group releasesBaby Girl, from, Faster Than The Speed Of Life. Nettles when asked if the the song is autobiographical:

Oh, you bet. It was not only autobiographical, but it was also a self-fulfilling prophecy in the sense that it was the first single, and it manifested itself in a way of showing that success. And granted, every artist – every person, really – can relate to having a dream and wanting to go after it, and wanting to make your folks proud, and having that be part of the joy of it. I know that for me, definitely a big part of the joy of my success is being able to share that enjoyment and that excitement with my family. And they’re so proud. I love the story of that song and how it unfolded and how art definitely imitated life in that sense.

Sugarland - Baby Girl

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