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24 Mar, 2015

You Will anthem released

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OWN adopts You Will as its network anthem. The song was composed by Warren and is sung by Hudson and Nettles in their first-ever duet. RCA Records released the single. The song will premiere during the season finale of The Haves and the Have Nots. Oprah:

I was so touched when Diane Warren came to me and said she wrote a song with OWN in mind. And then to have Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Nettles bring the song to life with their stunning collaboration…what a gift.


The sentiment of my song is that you should never give up on your dreams, own every breath, own every minute, go live a life that’s got no limits. You can do anything. It’s as simple as never think you won’t, and you will.

20 Sep, 2014

Who Says You Can’t Go Home

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The band releasesWho Says You Can’t Go Home,which features Nettles in the video. Nettles:

I had his New Jersey posters on my door when I was in the seventh or eighth grade. It made me nervous because the last thing I would want is to ruin a Bon Jovi song.

Bon Jovi, Jennifer Nettles - Who Says You Can't Go Home

16 Aug, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge: Jennifer Nettles and Brandy Clark

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Nettles and Clark accept the ALS challenge and Nettles nominates Brandy Clark, Kenny Chesney and Sarah Baralos. Clark nominates Jessie Jo Dillon, Hale Galeman and Reba McEntire.

Jennifer Nettles and Brandy Clark ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

11 Apr, 2011


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The group releases their song, Tonight, from their album, The Incredible Machine. Nettles:

I love the song Tonight on the record. That is definitely the power ballad of the record. That song was inspired. We wanted to write a song – do you remember the movie Say Anything? And you remember Lloyd Dobbler and he’s holding up the boombox outside of Ione Skye’s bedroom and it’s playing In Your Eyes? And we thought, we want a song that Lloyd Dobbler would play in front of her window now. What would that song be? Or if John Hughes were alive to make a movie now, what song would be on that soundtrack?

Sugarland - Tonight

6 Jul, 2009


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The group releases Joey, from Love On The Inside. Nettles:

It’s so interesting – the theme of that song is a teen tragedy. Remember back in the fifties there was a trend to have teen tragedies like Last Kiss.It ended up the song we did with Bill Anderson is a modern take on that subject – it was pretty interesting He has a tendency to be very dark – it’s Country Gothic. So for this song to turn out the way it did I was very pleased – we wrote it with him in Nashville in our hotel room. It was really organic. A lot of times songwriters have an idea they want to pitch to. He came with an open palate. We took the story line from there. Someone finishes up dead. It’s a mixture of Concrete Blonde and REM. It has an alt sort of sound, like the late ’80s.

19 May, 2008

All I Want To Do

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The group releasesAll I Want To Do, from, Love On The Inside. Nettles:

It’s fun and light-hearted, and it feels like summer. And where Stay left off with just a guitar and a vocal, this starts off with just a guitar and a vocal. Obviously it kicks in, so you can move yourself around and dance. But I think it’s sort of a nice juxtaposition, but also it shows a bit of an evolution.

Sugarland - All I Want To Do

10 Sep, 2007


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The group releases their single, Stay, from, Enjoy The Ride. Nettles:

It was just in a couple of sittings on my couch. And once the first line came, ‘I’ve been sitting here staring at the clock on the wall. I’ve been laying here, praying she won’t call,’ the story just unfolded.

Sugarland - Stay (Official Video)

12 Jul, 2004

Baby Girl

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The group releasesBaby Girl, from, Faster Than The Speed Of Life. Nettles when asked if the the song is autobiographical:

Oh, you bet. It was not only autobiographical, but it was also a self-fulfilling prophecy in the sense that it was the first single, and it manifested itself in a way of showing that success. And granted, every artist – every person, really – can relate to having a dream and wanting to go after it, and wanting to make your folks proud, and having that be part of the joy of it. I know that for me, definitely a big part of the joy of my success is being able to share that enjoyment and that excitement with my family. And they’re so proud. I love the story of that song and how it unfolded and how art definitely imitated life in that sense.

Sugarland - Baby Girl