Jennifer NettlesSugarlandSingle Release


6 Jul, 2009

The group releases Joey, from Love On The Inside. Nettles:

It’s so interesting – the theme of that song is a teen tragedy. Remember back in the fifties there was a trend to have teen tragedies like Last Kiss.It ended up the song we did with Bill Anderson is a modern take on that subject – it was pretty interesting He has a tendency to be very dark – it’s Country Gothic. So for this song to turn out the way it did I was very pleased – we wrote it with him in Nashville in our hotel room. It was really organic. A lot of times songwriters have an idea they want to pitch to. He came with an open palate. We took the story line from there. Someone finishes up dead. It’s a mixture of Concrete Blonde and REM. It has an alt sort of sound, like the late ’80s.

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