Jesse BiterMakes Statement

‘Lyons got me wrong’

9 Feb, 2014

In a rebuttal to Sarasota Herald Tribune columinist, Tom Lyons, Biter says:

Sarasota has been my home for over 13 years and I care deeply for the long-term success of our city. While my vision for a more vibrant downtown or my political views or even my religious views might not jibe with Lyons’, his outright lying to your readers to make a point goes against everything I’ve ever been taught about ethics in journalism.

Biter notes that Lyons does not live in Sarasota and clarifies his support for the “strong mayor” proposal.

My support is centered on the best way to do things for the future of our city. It is not necessarily an indictment of the current commission. However, the ability for them to lead under the current form of government is not conducive to the needs of our exceptional city. Our city is not dying but that does not mean it couldn’t be better.

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