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John Cena is a professional wrestler, actor and musician. He is currently signed to WWE and is best known for his time with the company.

14 Dec, 2014

Cena vs Rollins – No. 1 contender

Wins Sport Event

Cena defeats Rollins in a singles competition tables match at WWE TLC on pay-per-view to remain the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Cena picks up the victory by slamming Rollins through the table with an “Attitude Adjustment” at twenty-three minutes and thirty-five seconds.

15 Dec, 2013

Cena vs Orton – Title Unification

Wins Sport Event

Orton defeats Cena in a tables, ladders and chairs match at TLC to unify the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship. Orton climbs the ladder to obtain both championship belts at twenty-four minutes and thirty-five seconds to become the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

16 Jun, 2013

Cena vs Ryback – WWE Title

Wins Sport Event

Cena retains the WWE Championship by defeating Ryback in a three stages of hell match, scoring two out of three victories in the bout. Cena picks up the final victory at twenty-four minutes and thirty seconds by putting Ryback in an ambulance.

19 May, 2013

Cena vs Ryback – WWE Title

Wins Sport Event

Cena and Ryback fight to a no contest in a Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules. Both men are helped out of the arena by EMTs and trainers after the pair fall through a piece of the stage. Cena retains the WWE Championship due to the draw ending.

16 Sep, 2012

Punk vs Cena – WWE title

Wins Sport Event

Punk retains the WWE Championship by fighting Cena to a draw at Night of Champions. Both men’s shoulders are on the ground as the referee counts the pin, thus ending the bout in a double pinfall at twenty-six minutes and fifty-five seconds.

19 Aug, 2012

Punk vs Cena vs Show – WWE title

Wins Sport Event

Punk retains the WWE Championship at Summerslam by defeating Cena and Big Show in triple threat action. The match ends and is restarted due to Big Show submitting when both men had him on a hold. Punk ultimately picks up the pinfall victory over Show at fourteen minutes and twenty-five seconds.

23 Jul, 2012

Cena vs Punk – WWE title

Wins Sport Event

Punk and Cena fight to a no contest when Big Show enters the ring and attacks Cena causing a disqualification victory. Due to the circumstances of the loss, Punk still retains the championship. The match ends at eleven minutes and fifteen seconds.

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