John McAfeePolice Raid

Gang Suppression Unit raids property

30 Apr, 2012

McAfee’s property in Orange Walk Town, Belize, is raided by the Gang Suppression Unit. A GSU press release says that he was arrested for unlicensed drug manufacturing and possession of an unlicensed weapon. During the raid, guards find a lab where antibiotics are being produced without a license. One of McAfee’s 11 dogs is shot for allegedly attacking one of the officers. In the end, all charges are dropped. McAfee later posts his account of events.

In the pre-dawn hours of April 30th of this year I woke to the sound of a bullhorn yelling un-intelligible orders. I ran naked outside and saw a military formation whose uniforms identified them as GSU, creeping slowly down my driveway. I laid down the pistol that I keep for protection and, contrary to Josh Davis’ assertion that I said “Motherf-ckers”, said nothing and went back inside. I woke Amy, the 17 year old with whom I was living, and calmly told her to get dressed – that the GSU was invading the property. Amy is a tough young woman. She said nothing, got up, got dressed and sat calmly on the edge of the bed. I put on a pair of shorts and went outside. I was immediately grabbed and shoved up against the wall of the house. A sheet of paper was produced stating that the GSU was looking for an illegal meth lab. I did not have my glasses and could not read it so the officer explained it to me.

The remainder of that day was a nightmare of the highest order. My hands were handcuffed behind my back and for 14 hours I sat in the sun without food or water while I watched my property being destroyed and taken away. At around two in the afternoon I asked a nearby officer for water and food. “Do I look like a chef to you?” was his reply. I was finally taken to Belize City and thrown in Jail. Eight hours later I was released with no charges being filed.

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