Joseph Gordon-LevittFilm Appearance


28 Sep, 2012

Gordon-Levitt stars in this sci-fi action thriller as a young hired assassin – or “looper” – named Joe. He lives in a world where time travel exists, but is used by crime syndicates to eliminate their targets. Like every hit man, Joe is expected to “close the loop” by assassinating his older self, played by Bruce Willis. The two Joes come face to face and attempt to deal with the implications of their encounter. The actor’s co-stars include Jeff Daniels as the future mob boss and Emily Blunt as young Joe’s girlfriend. On the concept of the movie:

I would say sincerity is more important than originality. You could cite all kinds of influences that this draws from. What’s most important to me is — are you sincere? Do you have something to say? I feel like this movie does.

LOOPER - Official Trailer - In Theaters 9/28

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