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13 May, 2014

‘The Tech Sector Needs More Women’

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In an article in Forbes, de Baubigny discusses the challenges faced by working women, especially those who would like to maintain a career while starting a  family. She notes the “Scissor effect:” a graph where the percentage of male tech workers at a particular job level increases, while the percentage of female workers falls. She offers advice, and urges women to break past the gap:

I tell the young women in my life, for example, that if you are thinking through the questions about income, day-care costs and whether you can be a mother and a career star, just try to make it work for a couple of months. You’ve come this far. And we need you. Chances are you’ll be able to be both a great mom and a great career woman. The rewards are immense, and not just in terms of professional success.

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