Kate BeckinsaleFilm Appearance

Total Recall

3 Aug, 2012

Beckinsale plays Lori Quaid in the 2012 remake of Total Recall, alongside actor Colin Farrell, who plays her husband, Douglas Quaid. The film takes place in the future, in a world that is mostly uninhabitable. To escape the hardships of his life, Douglas decides to experience “Rekall,” a process in which any memory can be implanted into one’s head. Shortly after plugging into Rekall, Quaid finds himself in the middle of a worldwide conspiracy where nobody can be trusted. Not even his wife. On her role as Lori:

She’s just a little bit off. She’s come back damaged and wounded and acting out of that place, so it’s fun for an actor.

Total Recall 2012 Official Trailer [HD]: Colin Farrell Recalls His Dangerous Past: ENTV

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