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1 Sep, 2014

Piper’s Pit interview


Anderson is a guest on Piper’s Pit to discuss WWE, TNA and wanting to perform since childhood.

The first movie I remember seeing as a kid was E.T. I went to see it with my mother and I wanted to do that. I see some actor and I wanted to tell a story and entertain like that.

13 Aug, 2014

Main Event Radio


Anderson appears on Main Event Radio for a sit down interview. Anderson discusses his time in TNA wrestling and his thoughts on the SpikeTV negotiations.

Championship gold is always on my mind. That being said, one of my big priorities is always entertaining people. Going out there and telling them a story, and just having fun. This is one of the coolest jobs anybody can ever hope for. Any time that I start to feel aches or pains, tired from traveling; I just got back from the UK so I’m jetlagged. When I start to feel sort of sorry for myself, I remember how damn cool this job is. I feel like a million bucks right now, maybe a million and one.

12 Sep, 2013

Anderson vs Ray – TNA Title

Wins Sport Event

Ray retains the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on the special No Surrender themed edition of IMPACT by defeating Anderson in a last man standing match. Ray wins via knockout after slamming Anderson through a table at seventeen minutes and twenty-eight seconds.

3 Apr, 2013

The Art of Wrestling interview


Anderson is a guest on The Art of Wrestling to discuss working in TNA, indy wrestling and wrestlers doing their own taxes.

Snitsky tried to write off his couch. He bought like a whole living room suit and wrote it off like, “I need to relax from wrestling.” I think you can write off anything.

6 Mar, 1976

Ken Anderson born in Green Bay, Wisconsin


Anderson is born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He becomes a fan of wrestling through watching Stone Cold Steve Austin and wrestling’s more realistic characters.

It’s (realism in wrestling) something I learned early on  when I listened to an interview with Steve Austin where he said ‘I’m just me with the volume turned up’.

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