Kenny ChesneyRascal FlattsSingle Release

Take Me There

17 Aug, 2007

The band releases their song, Take Me There, from their album, Still Feels Good. Chesney wrote the song.

I had the idea for that song several years ago, and I had written it down on a piece of paper in a notebook. I was going through a bunch of stuff and saw where I had written that down and had forgotten about it. The whole idea of the song was about meeting someone who still has their guard up from a previous relationship or whatever it is. There’s something inside of her that she’s not showing anybody, about what makes her tick, about what makes her love, what makes her give, what makes her be who she is.I had three lines written down. So I called Neil Thrasher and told him about this idea when I found it in my notebook. And he says, ‘Let me think about that for a little bit.’ He called me back in a couple of days, and the next thing, you hear him on the phone with a guitar (singing) ‘Tell me ’bout your mama.’ I went “Oh my God!” (laughs) ‘It sounds pretty good’.

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