Kristen BellFilm Appearance

Veronica Mars

13 Mar, 2014

Bell plays Veronica Mars, a new law school graduate and former teen sleuth, in this dark dramedy directed by Rob Thomas. Veronica, now living in New York,  is interviewing with law firms when she gets a call from high school boyfriend Logan Echolls.  He’s been arrested for murder and needs Veronica to solve the case and save him from prison. Veronica is reluctant to return to Neptune but is drawn by friends, family, and her true calling.  Co-starring Enrico Colantoni and Jason Dohring.

We have fast-forwarded 10 years, and in those 10 years, we have met a Veronica who needs to simplify her life. She is desperate to escape the drama and thinks if she can adapt a normal person’s lifestyle, then she can live happily. But the more she runs away from who she is, the more trouble she runs into. She’s living in New York, trying to be just an everyday gal. She’s still snarky, and she’s still herself at her core, but she’s attempting to create the elements around her to be not as turbulent as they were in Neptune. She hasn’t talked to Logan in 10 years.

Veronica Mars – Theatrical Trailer (In Select Theaters Now)

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