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8 Feb, 2012

Little Monsters launch

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LittleMonstersimageGaga launches LittleMonsters  (https://littlemonsters.com/) as an invite-only beta for Gaga’s fans, who she refers to a “Little Monsters”. The site is the first project by Backplane and acts as a social network for her fans. CEO Michelsen says the project, in common with other Backplane project aims to :

Unite people around interests, affinities and movements. Backplane is about bringing together communities and Gaga’s community just so happens to be the community we’re using to learn about proper functionality. We think we can really change the world.

Gaga had called her manager, Carter, after seeing a screening of The Social Network:

She said she’d like to build a social network for her fans, and build a community where they could congregate and have conversations. So I called some of my friends in the Valley.

Carter then talked with Palantir CEO, Lonsdale, which led to the creation of Backplane, which has built the platform for the site. They receive backing from Google Ventures and others.

6 Dec, 2011

Lady Gaga interview


Seacrest interviews Gaga during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about how Britney Spears teaches her to always preform her hit songs.

I would be so mad if I went to see my favorite pop singer, and they didn’t play all the big hits. When I went to see Britney [Spears], I just remember thinking in that moment, ‘If I feel this way, I bet the audience feels this way.

5 Dec, 2011

Lady Gaga interview


Seacrest interviews Gaga during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about how her family reacted to the single Marry The Night. 

My dad called me and he was like, ‘That was so raw, and the angles that you chose.’ My dad really understands me. So he said he loved how linear it was in the beginning, and then in the middle it was chaotic and at the end it was graphic, but that it wasn’t really.

My family knows my vocabulary. My sister’s a fashion designer too so I guess in our household we’re sort of used to talking about art and fashion and music all the time. And same thing at the Grammy nominations, he’s like, ‘That opening was the [expletive]!’ And he said something like ‘Never wear red, white and blue, always be the underdog.’ I was like, ‘Yeah okay Dad have you had a couple drinks?

6 Sep, 2011

Harper’s Bazaar cover

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1315340163_lady-gaga-no-makeup-290Gaga appears on the cover of the October 2011 issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. She talks about how she isn’t wearing makeup on the cover, fitness, and how people expect the unexpected of her.

Whether I’m wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I’m always the same person inside.

5 Jun, 2011


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Backplane is founded by Carter, Michelson, Lonsdale and Lady Gaga. The seven-person project aims to provide a way to organize and power online communities based on certain interests, such as sports teams, musicians, and also bring in feeds from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. Gaga has a reported 20% stake in the business. $1 million has been raised in angel funding from investors including Schmidt’s Tomorrow Ventures.