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Akali release

11 May, 2010

akaliThe Fist of the Shadow is released in patch version along with the Stinger and Crimson Akali skins. He abilities include Twin Disciplines, Mark of the Assasin, Twilight Shroud, Crescent Slash and Shadow Dance, which lets her move through shadows to quickly strike her target, dealing damage and consuming an Essence of Shadow charge. Designer:

Summoners of Valoran, the Kinkou Order of the Ionian Isles wanted me to reinforce to you that they are an equal opportunity employer! While by now you’ve all witnessed the awesome power of Shen and Kennen on the Field of Justice, none of you have yet run afoul of Akali the Fist of Shadow. Which is fortunate for all of you, since ninja academies are really only discerning about one thing: the lethality of their students! And this is one lady ninja who doesn’t like to disappoint her instructors!

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