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League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game (MOBA) developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. a free-to-play game supported by micro-transactions and inspired by the mod Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) for the video game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. It is currently considered the most popular game in the world, with it’s numbers receiving in excess of 30 million daily users and 70 millions monthly users.

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10 Sep, 2014

Azir release

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azirThe Emperor of the Sands is released in patch version 4.16 along with the Galactic Azir skin. Designer:

Arise! creates a sand soldier at a target location, from which the soldier projects threat in a circle–so far, so Heimerdinger. However, soldiers require an active input. Azir must right-click and go through a basic attack animation for soldiers to do anything. This makes both Azir and his enemy understand that a conscious command was given to the soldier. This also means that if Azir is stunned or running away, soldiers cease to be a threat. All of a sudden, Azir’s opponent can comfortably aggress.

Conquering Sands orders all soldiers to charge toward a target location, damaging and slowing enemies they pass through. This forces Azir to think carefully about when and where to send soldiers. Can Azir afford to use the spell for damage and slow or (Counterplay incoming!) will this allow the enemy to engage on Azir while his soldiers are temporarily unable to move?

8 May, 2014

Braum release

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braumThe Heart of the Freljord is released in patch version 4.7 along with the Dragonslayer Braum skin. Designer:

As with all champions, we designed Braum to fill a specific gap in the League of Legends champion pool. Specifically, he’s the first true tank support that we’ve created, a champion who takes the hits for their team. We’ve had plenty of defensive supports – champions like Nami, Soraka, Janna etc – who negate damage through heals or shields, along with fighter supports like Leona and Alistar, who are generally great at initiating teamfights before diving deep into the enemy team and disrupting as much as possible. Braum’s something different: he’s a tanky support who literally takes the hits for his team, and as such requires a new mindset, position and playstyle to most conventional supports.

13 Jun, 2013

Aatrox release

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aatroxThe Darkin Blade is released in patch version 3.8 along with the Justicar Aatrox skin. Designer:

Aatrox, the Darkin Blade emerges from the shadows of history to slake his thirst for blood and battle. This deft warrior cuts down his foes and drains their life force with his blade. Aatrox’s abilities cost health to cast.

5 Jun, 2012

Draven release

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dravenThe Glorious Executioner is released in patch version along with the Soul Reaver Draven skin. Designer:

This champion of the arena knows the value of enjoying what you do – even if your line of work happens to involve grisly executions!

26 Jul, 2011

Wukong release

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wukongThe Monkey King is released in patch version along with the Volcanic and General Wukong skins. Designer:

If you positively flipped out when you saw our First Look at the awesome and acrobatic Monkey King back in April, you’ll be pleased to know that your long wait is nearly over. And I’m not just monkeying around this time! So if you’re ready to go bananas like a party animal to celebrate the release of Wukong, the Monkey King, start sending out your invitations. This is one primate you’re not going to want to miss.

14 Dec, 2010

Cassiopeia release

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The Serpent’s Embrace is released in patch version along with the Desperada and Siren Cassiopeia skins. Her abilities include Deadly Cadence, Noxious Blast, Miasma, Twin Fang and Petrifying Glaze, where she releases a swirl of magical energy from her eyes, stunning any enemies in front of her that are facing her and slowing any others with their back turned. Designer:

Whether you’re a fan of maidens or monsters, this champion is sure to satisfy. Unless, of course, you’re gun shy about ladies with scales, fangs, claws, and deadly, poisonous liquids. Then the two of you might need a little couples therapy.

16 Nov, 2010

Irelia released

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The Will of the Blades is released in the patch version along with the Nightblade and Aviator Irelia skins. Her abilities include Bladesurge, Hiten Style, Equilibrium Strike, and Transcendent Blades, which she can use to fling spirit blades at enemies. Designer:

If you picked up a copy of the November issue of PC Gamer, then you’ve already had your first look at the League’s latest champion. If you missed that issue, then it’s my great honor to officially introduce Irelia, the Will of the Blades. In addition to being the latest in our long line of pretty ladies to join the League of Legends, Irelia serves as the captain of the Ionian Guard — which only goes to show that there’s no glass ceiling when you have a telekinetic command over swords. So watch yourself! Irelia brings new meaning to the old proverb: Walk softly, but carry a big sword. Hey, wait… did I get that right?

2 Nov, 2010

LeBlanc release

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The Deceiver is released in the patch version along with the Prestigious and Wicked LeBlanc skins. Her abilities include Mirror Image, Sigil of Silence, Distortion, Etheral Chains, and Mimic, which casts a precious spell and deal significantly increases damage. Designer:

If you’ve been looking to add a little bit of high society to your League of Legends lineup, this next patch is the one you’ve been waiting for. Allow me to introduce the talented and graceful Emilia LeBlanc, a stately sorceress ready to round out your champion selection. In addition to being extremely attractive, the Deceiver comes primed to fuel your most megalomaniacal of desires. If you’ve got a bit of mischievous thread to your personality, you’re definitely going to want to make sure to pick up LeBlanc in the upcoming patch. Would I lie?

19 Oct, 2010

Lux release

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LuxThe Lady of Luminosity is released in patch version along with the Spellthief and Sorceress Lux skins. Her abilities include Light Binding, Prismatic Barrier, Lucent Singularity, and Finales Funkeln, which damages all enemy units in front of her. Designer:

If Swain was a bit dark for your taste, then this next champion ought to be more your speed. She’ll be a real ray of light into your otherwise dreary day. Allow me to introduce Lux, the Lady of Luminosity. Representing the City-state of Demacia, Lux is not only the latest champion to grace the Field of Justice, but also the sister of everyone’s favorite Might of Demacia, Garen. Whether you’re a strong believer in sibling rivalry or just want to keep it in the family, Lux should make the perfect addition to your champion collection.

10 Aug, 2010

Galio release

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galioThe Sentinel’s Sorrow is released in patch version along with the Enchanted and Hextech Galio skins. Designer:

Sometimes your travels around the world of Valoran are going to take you on the road to some exotic locales. If you stumble upon this menacing, red version of Galio in your travels, however, the odds are good that you’ve taken a wrong turn – especially if he’s perched on top of a massive, terrifying gate that’s emanating an eerie green glow. Then you might want to consult your cartographer to find out why he plotted you a course to the gates of the underworld before you set off.

24 Jun, 2010

Kog’Maw release

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kogmawThe Mouth of the Abyss is released in patch version along with the Catepillar and Sonoran Kog’Maw skins. His abilites include Icathian Surprise, Bio-arcane Barrage, Void Ooze, Caustic Spittle, and Living Artillery, which he can fire at a great distance to do damage and to reveal targets. Designer:

Those of you who were paying attention when we released Malzahar might have noticed somebody lurking in the background. And today you get to put a name to that face… err… mouth. Meet Kog’Maw, Mouth of the Abyss. Now many of you have been asking for more monsters in the League of Legends lineup, so if you had any doubts about whether or not we’re taking your suggestions to heart, this gentleman… err… gentlemouth should assuage those concerns.

8 Jun, 2010

Olaf release

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olafThe Berserker is released along with the Forsaken and Glacial Olaf skins. His abilities include Undertow, Vicious Strikes, Reckless Swing, and Ragnarok, which makes him immune to disables and gives increased armor penetration and reduces incoming damage. Designer:

As you may have observed throughout your time in Runeterra, the League of Legends Design Team seeks to promote synergy whenever possible (like a boss). Between champions with guns, champions with cultural ties, and champions under five feet tall, there are a ton of ways that our champions synergize with one another. We felt that the champion, Sion, however, didn’t have enough kindred spirits at his disposal. This is an important issue! We’re talking about ensuring that an important subculture in the League of Legends gets equal representation! That subculture is, of course: vicious, axe-wielding maniacs.

To bolster the ranks of this often under appreciated demographic, we’re pleased to be able to introduce Olaf, the Berserker. And just to make sure he fits the bill exactly, this guy actually has a pair of axes. So strap on the nearest helmet, sharpen your great sword, and raise an ice cold flagon of mead in honor of Olaf, the latest champion to grace the Field of Justice.

11 May, 2010

Akali release

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akaliThe Fist of the Shadow is released in patch version along with the Stinger and Crimson Akali skins. He abilities include Twin Disciplines, Mark of the Assasin, Twilight Shroud, Crescent Slash and Shadow Dance, which lets her move through shadows to quickly strike her target, dealing damage and consuming an Essence of Shadow charge. Designer:

Summoners of Valoran, the Kinkou Order of the Ionian Isles wanted me to reinforce to you that they are an equal opportunity employer! While by now you’ve all witnessed the awesome power of Shen and Kennen on the Field of Justice, none of you have yet run afoul of Akali the Fist of Shadow. Which is fortunate for all of you, since ninja academies are really only discerning about one thing: the lethality of their students! And this is one lady ninja who doesn’t like to disappoint her instructors!

8 Apr, 2010

Kennen release

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kennenThe Heart of the Tempest is released in the patch version along with the Swamp Master and Deadly Kennen skins. Abilities include Mark of the Storm, Thundering Shuriken, Electrical Surge, Lightning Rush ans Slicing Maelstrom, which summons an electrical storm that casts down lightning bolts multiple times a second. Designer:

While we’ve all seen what Shen can do out there on the battlefield, it bears mentioning that Ninjas come in all shapes and sizes. Allow me to introduce you all to Kennen, the Heart of the Tempest. Unlike Shen, Kennen originally hails from Bandle City, home of the yordles, and this fleet-footed, pint-sized ninja terror is every bit as lethal as his compatriot. Let it never be said that the Kinkou Order is closed minded with regard to their choice of students!

But what’s the flip side to having two equally lethal ninja champions? Well, it’s a well known fact that ninjas work alone! That’s right, ninjas have a tendency to step on each other’s toes, yordle or otherwise. So while you might be tempted to deploy as many flippin’ ninjas as you can get your hands on, use caution!

16 Mar, 2010

Ezreal release

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ezrealThe Prodigal Explorer is released in patch version Designer:

As you may have noticed, we’ve been releasing some champions that really challenge existing gameplay paradigms. And this next one is no exception. In addition to a haircut that defies the very laws of physics, the latest and greatest from our design team is sporting some pretty edgy magical abilities. Meet Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer, a champion who breaks new ground – in both gameplay and fashion – here at the League of Legends. If you’re feeling rather passionate about skill-shots these days, start getting excited, because this particular gentleman should really scratch that itch.

2 Feb, 2010

Pantheon release

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pantheonThe Artisan of War is released in patch version along with the Myrmidon Pantheon skin. Designer:

Since Singed joined the League of Legends, there has been a decided dearth of champions with extremely large shields. Luckily, Pantheon is coming to help prevent this extremely important demographic from becoming marginalized.

Gragas release

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gragasThe Rabble Rouser is released in patch version Designer:

The Rabble Rouser leaves a path of drunken destruction in his wake, both in the Fields of Justice and off.

19 Sep, 2009

Corki release

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corkiThe Daring Bombardier is released in patch version His abilities include Phosphorus Bomb, Valkyrie, Gatling Gun, and Missile Barrage, which fires a missile at location, dealing damage. Designer:

Corki is the most renowned of the Screaming Yipsnakes for remaining cool under fire and exhibiting bravery to the point of madness. Before the League, he served several tours of duty, often volunteering for missions that would take him behind enemy lines, either gathering intelligence or delivering messages through hot zones. He thrived on danger, and enjoyed nothing more than a good dogfight in the morning.

2 Sep, 2009

Blitzcrank release

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blitzThe Great Steam Golem is released in patch version 0.26.14. His abilities include Mana Barrier, Rocket Grab, Overdrive, Power Fist, and Static Field, which deals a large amount of damage and silences nearby enemies. Designer:

The city of Zaun is a place where both magic and science have gone awry. The unchecked nature of experimentation has taken its toll on the city. However, Zaun’s lenient restrictions allow their researchers and inventors the leeway to push the bounds of science at an accelerated rate, for better or worse. It was under these conditions that a team of doctoral students from Zaun’s College of Techmaturgy made a breakthrough in the field of intelligent steam automation. Their creation, the steam golem Blitzcrank, was developed to exercise judgement on-the-fly in order to assist with Zaun’s hazardous waste reclamation process, since so often the conditions did not allow for human supervision.

7 Aug, 2009

Kassadin release

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kassThe Void Walker is released in patch version His abilities include Void Stone, Null Sphere, Nether Blade, Force Pulse, and Riftwalk, which he can use to teleport a small distance and deal damage. Designer:

Within a decaying cyclopean city, Kassadin found secrets of the kind that he will never share – secrets that made him quake with fear at the visions of things to come that were thrust upon him. The power of the place threatened to consume him forever, but Kassadin took the only route available to him in order to survive – he let the Void inside him. Miraculously, he was able to overcome the alien urges that went with it, and he emerged as something more than human. Though a part of him died that day, he knows that he must protect Valoran from the things scratching at the door, waiting to get in and visit their torments upon the world. They are only one step away… something to which the appearance of the abomination known as Cho’Gath attests.