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Olaf release

8 Jun, 2010

olafThe Berserker is released along with the Forsaken and Glacial Olaf skins. His abilities include Undertow, Vicious Strikes, Reckless Swing, and Ragnarok, which makes him immune to disables and gives increased armor penetration and reduces incoming damage. Designer:

As you may have observed throughout your time in Runeterra, the League of Legends Design Team seeks to promote synergy whenever possible (like a boss). Between champions with guns, champions with cultural ties, and champions under five feet tall, there are a ton of ways that our champions synergize with one another. We felt that the champion, Sion, however, didn’t have enough kindred spirits at his disposal. This is an important issue! We’re talking about ensuring that an important subculture in the League of Legends gets equal representation! That subculture is, of course: vicious, axe-wielding maniacs.

To bolster the ranks of this often under appreciated demographic, we’re pleased to be able to introduce Olaf, the Berserker. And just to make sure he fits the bill exactly, this guy actually has a pair of axes. So strap on the nearest helmet, sharpen your great sword, and raise an ice cold flagon of mead in honor of Olaf, the latest champion to grace the Field of Justice.

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