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Amumu release

26 Jun, 2009

The Sad Mummy is released in the June 26, 2009 patch. His abilities include Crushed Touch, Bandage Toss, Despair, Tantrum and Curse of The Sad Mummy. Designer:

To everyone in Valoran / so he wouldn’t be ignored / Amumu sent an invitation / — an Urf Day party right next door.

So glad he’s born / The manatee / Of spatula-slapping fame. / Amumu wrote of the birth of Urf /and asked if they’d all play a game.

At last, the morning of the party / Urf Day was finally here. / Out the window, Amumu looked / but not a single friend appeared.

So young Amumu took tiny steps /and traveled through the land. / But even when Amumu stood /and peeked into their home / He saw they partied without him /And he was still alone…

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