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Coulthard: Hamilton’s social life could hinder F1 hat-trick bid

20 Oct, 5200

At an event in London to promote Channel 4’s presenting team for the F1 season, Coulthard talks about Hamilton’s focus.

It seems crazy to question whether Lewis can win another title, given that he’s won the last two, but you have to ask where his energy is going. He splits his time between F1 and being a global star – the car and the music. We’re all waiting to see when the album will drop…There’s no question that Lewis is fit and focused when he’s at the racetrack. But he does have a full-on social life away from grand prix racing. And throwing in the American dream. We all know it’s not easy jumping on and off aircraft. Is this the year that’s going to take its toll? I don’t know. I hope not…It’s not a criticism. It’s an observation, in admiration. That he’s been somehow able to find this happy place, of driving quickly and going off and doing other things. The bottom line is I’m jealous. He’s faster than I was and he gets to go to some really cool parties.

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