Lewis HamiltonMakes Statement

‘I am going into a new chapter in my life’

12 Mar, 2016

Hamilton says he is still hungry for success in Formula 1 despite achieving his childhood ambition of winning his third title last year.

I don’t know how far I can go, how long I will go on in F1. I am going into a new chapter in my life and I will see where it takes me. [I am motivated by] my love for the sport and cars; my love for wanting to be able to take the car to the edge, to the unknown, to an area most people can’t. Those who said I would not succeed, and not amount to anything, I am going to continue to prove them wrong and smile in their face as I do so…I still pinch myself every day to think I used to go home from school and put the video in and watch Ayrton and now I have matched him in a similar amount of races in terms of results. But he still has more poles than me so I still have more targets in that sense…I don’t know how long I will be as good as I have been. But that’s the exciting thing about life; you don’t know what’s around the corner so I will give it everything I have got.


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