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Wants to end career as successful as Rossi

28 Apr, 2016

Hamilton says that he wants to end his career as successfully as Rossi:

Valentino is towards one of the older riders now, but he still has the ability to be at the top. He still has the ability to do so, and so I hope that I am in the similar position towards the end of my career.

On retirement:

I do. Generally when I think about it, I have this three-year contract. I am hoping that I have another three or four years after that. However, he is well aware of how hard it is to pick the right moment to walk away – and says that more success in the future would only likely encourage him to stay rather than provide the perfect opportunity to quit at the top. We all are greedy, we always want more. You know that you have just won the championship, you still feel healthy, you still feel fit. Plus you know that next year is going to be the same year, it is just going to be good.

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