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7 Feb, 2017

Adopts orphaned twin sisters

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Madonna adopts two orphaned twin sisters aged 4½ from Malawi. The father and uncle of the girls are witnesses to the adoption. Malawi judiciary spokesperson:

Their mother died a week after she delivered the babies in August 2012. After their mother died, the children were looked after by their grandmother, who could not fully provide for them, so they were taken into an orphanage. [Madonna] exuded happiness. She smiled while she was making her way out of the courtroom, and then she drove away with her new daughters. She has been involved in so many projects and is currently helping to expand the children’s ward at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital. So Madonna has been coming to Malawi frequently. So it is not unusual to people in Malawi at all. They know Madonna very well in terms of the high-profile work she has done for the community.

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