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25 May, 2015

Memorial Day video

Makes Statement

Rubio posts a video on Facebook in honor of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day has always been a time of unity for our nation. It’s a time when we put aside partisanship and politics and come together…As President, I will devote the necessary resources to our national defense. I will ensure that they never are sent into a fair fight but rather are always equipped with the upper hand.

Marco's Memorial Day Message: A Time To Put Aside Partisanship

1 May, 2015

Defends amendments to Iran legislation

Makes Statement

Rubio defends the two amendments that he wants to be added to proposed legislation on Iran nuclear deal.

I by no means endorse the plan outlined in the fact sheet, but the fact that they are saying it is a poison pill to require the president to sign a deal that reflects what he says the deal is, is in and of itself incredibly worrisome.

He also makes it clear that he doesn’t wants the bill to be defeated.

I doesn’t want the bill to go down…It’s not perfect, it’s better than nothing, and it creates a process by which the Senate can review what the president does.

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